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Targeting Mathematics Supplement Titles

Discovering Mathematics

5 Maths Stories

Children love stories. Stories fire their imagination and make them all excited. Embedding mathematics in short stories can help children learn mathematics incidentally and grow to like mathematics as they identify with the characters and make sense of the numbers within the context of the stories.

Children love it when stories are read over again especially when they are able to predict the parts that are coming up and they can read aloud to their delight as they complete the rhymes.



Encounters with Problem Solving

A fun way to learn mathematics and values! Encounters with Problem Solving is a storybook that serves to promote three main purposes.


  • It is for the reading pleasure of children. It takes them along a journey of solving non-routine mathematics problems through the lens of a schoolboy in the setting of a Singapore satire. The stories make the learning of heuristics fun and refreshing. •
  • It is for children to learn the reasoning processes that are necessary for problem solving, as they identify with the thought processes of the main characters in the story. •
  • Each chapter lets children reflect on developing positive values to become better persons.

A set of similar mathematical problems is included at the end of the book for children to work on as well.



This is a resource book for teachers, parents and Primary 6 students who are interested in learning how to manage and solve higher-order thinking word problems. These problems usually require students to compare quantities, work with differences, transfer units from one item to another, match units, regroup units and/or work with common multiples in order to successfully solve them.

In this respect, problem-solving strategies such as model-drawing, diagramming, tabling and listing are important tools to help organise the thinking process. This book will be an indispensable guide in learning the problem-solving strategies and techniques.

What this book offers:

  • Fully worked step-by-step solutions covering many of the typical challenging word problems that students tend to have difficulties with in Whole Numbers, Fractions, Percentage, Speed and Rate-Volume problems.
  • Alternative solutions are presented whenever applicable.
  • Tackles word problems concerning agerelated concepts, excess-shortage concepts, make-a-supposition strategy, ratio/faction/ percent transfer (Before-After) concepts and two-vehicle type of speed problems.
  • Provides a narrative element to explain the
    steps at appropriate junctures.


Solve That Problem!

Solve That Problem! is a Teacher’s Resource book. The series provides skills, strategies and expertise on how to solve mathematics problems in the primary school. Each volume starts with an introduction to the four steps to mathematics problem solving.

Key Components:

  • Teaching Notes
  • Teaching Examples
  • Problem Solving Process
  • Problem Solving Task Cards
  • Answers to Task Cards


Problem Solving

Problem Solving is a series of six mathematical problem-solving books specially written to empower students to

  • improve their reasoning and problem-solving skills
  • sharpen their higher-order thinking skills
  • think creatively, by finding more than one method of solution
  • be skilled in model drawing, by applying the Singapore model method
  • be confident in answering open-ended and estimation problems
  • use logical reasoning as a heuristic to solve word problems
  • apply problem solving to solve real-world problems

The goal of the Targeting Maths Problem Solving series is to help readers become confident and successful problem solvers, by applying an arsenal of problem-solving heuristics to ultimately solve real problems.

Targeting Maths

Targeting Maths

Targeting Maths

Targeting Maths

Targeting Maths