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Joy of Music

Discovering Mathematics


The Joy of Music series, a collaborative effort with the Ministry of Education (Singapore), introduces students to music from different genres and cultures, and exposes them to the use of music in daily life. Its student-centred topics and its focus on practical and creative work will help students to engage with music itself.

Engage Pupils

  • Colourful photographs capture students’ interest and help them make the connection between music and real-life situations
  • Accompanying i-Books and audio CDs help students to fully experience the music behind the theory

Build Knowledge

  • Accessible writing style makes this suitable for all students, musically trained or not
  • In-text features encourage students to build on the theory learnt through practice and application
  • Fun extension activities encourage independent explorations

Nurture Creativity

  • Creative activities give students the opportunity to make and create their own sounds and music
Secondary | Year 1, 2; Express, Normal (Academic), Normal (Technical)
Core Components
Teacher's Resources
Electronic Resources Resource CDs, Teacher’s Guides (Textbook), Schemes of work, i-Books & Audio CDs.