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Discovering Mathematics


The Lifestyle series focuses the study of home economics on guiding students towards making the right and smart choices in everyday life in the core areas of food and nutrition, and consumer education. By encouraging students to put theory into practice, this series facilitates students to discover and develop their own resources and capabilities, and prepares them for life itself.

Engage Pupils

  • Colourful photographs and illustrations enliven text
  • Infographics give a clear understanding of concepts
  • Video clips demonstrate, step-by-step, how to prepare the recipes in the textbooks

Build Knowledge

  • In-text features build on content knowledge and encourage independent learning

Build Exam Confidence

  • Knowledge and practical skills provided build a solid foundation for the food and nutrition course in upper secondary
Secondary | Year 1, 2; Express, Normal (Academic), Normal (Technical)
Core Components
Textbooks & Workbooks
Teacher's Resources
Printed Resources Teacher’s Editions (Workbook) & Posters. Electronic Resources Resource CDs, Teacher’s Guides (Textbook), Schemes of work, i-Books, Presentation slides, Activities, Quizzes & Video CDs.