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Star Science

Discovering Mathematics


The Star Science series promotes an inquiry-based approach to learning science in pupils from a young age. Features in the textbooks such as Try It! And Hands On enhances pupils’ learning process as they get to practice and explore the concepts introduced to them.

The workbook activities are designed to engage pupils and to make learning science an interesting process. To encourage reflective learning, Sci-notes allow pupils to pen down their research results and assess their own understanding of the topics.

Concepts are explained in the textbooks with the help of photographs and learning guides that appear throughout the book.

Engage Pupils

  • Bold use of graphics captures pupils’ attention

Build Knowledge

  • Experiential learning through features like Try It! and Hands On will explore the concepts to the pupils

Build Exam Confidence

  • Extra worksheets are provided


Primary | Year 1,2,3,4,5,6
Core Components
Textbooks & Workbooks.
Teacher's Resources
Printed Resources Teacher’s Guides (Textbook), Teacher’s Editions (Workbook). Electronic Resources Resource CDs, Teacher’s Guides (Textbook), i-Books, Extra Worksheet, Interactives, i-slides, Videos.