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Targeting English

Discovering Mathematics


  • A wide coverage of different text types
  • Targeted reading comprehension outcomes
  • Dictionary for quick review
  • Critical reading and text analysis
  • Differentiated worksheets for all abilities
  • Decoding text types in sync with grammar focus
  • Quarterly assessments to check student’s understanding
  • Comprehensive answers for independent learners


  • Step-by-step guide to writing and representing texts
  • Notes to parents and teachers
  • Pre-writing activities to enhance the generation of ideas
  • Wide range of text types covered
  • Review exercises for assessments
  • Skills are recycled throughout the series, with increasing levels
    of difficulty
  • Detailed scaffolding to help young learners develop their ideas into full-fledged texts
  • Selected answers for independent learners


  • Multi-faceted approach to building vocabulary
  • Practical exercises reinforce comprehension skills and aspects of grammar and spelling
  • Activities to suit all ability levels
  • Differentiated vocabulary tasks e.g., forming new words, prefix and suffix exercises, reviewing spelling and words, combining words with pictures, etc.
  • Review exercises for assessments
  • Skills are recycled and spiralled to increasing levels of difficulty
  • Selected answers for independent learners

Values Education

  • A unique approach to teaching values
  • Cohesive notes for parents and teachers
  • Understanding values through stories and fables
  • Reading comprehension skills in spiral progression
  • Self-reflection and application to community and country Quarterly assessments with rubrics for information to parents
  • Comprehensive answers for independent learners


  • Every topic in English grammar is covered and spiralled from Book 1 to Book 6
  • Worksheets are differentiated to cater for various learning styles
  • Graded levels of difficulty to suit learning abilities of learners
  • Comprehensive grammar notes to parents will ease their involvement
  • Card games and stimulating quizzes will motivate and activate learning-by-doing (kinesthetic learning)
  • Comprehensive answers at the back of the book for the independent learner
Primary | Year 1,2,3,4,5,6
Core Components
English Supplement Titles