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Star Mathematics

Discovering Mathematics


The Star Mathematics series adopts a spiralled and scaffolded approach to the learning of mathematics where concepts are introduced to pupils in Let’s Learn Together.

Following that, they will attempt the questions in Let’s Try It. Interactive activities are included in Game Time and Heads Together to encourage cooperative learning and to make the learning process fun for pupils. They are also given opportunities to solve challenging questions in Maths Challenge.

Engage Pupils

  • Abundant visuals and friendly writing style capture pupils’ interest

Build Knowledge

  • Further practice is provided in Let’s Practise and workbook activities to reinforce pupils’ understanding of the concepts
Primary | Year 1,2,3,4,5,6
Core Components
Textbooks & Workbooks
Teacher's Resources
Printed Resources Teacher’s Guides (Textbook) Electronic Resources Resource CDs, Teacher’s Guides (Textbook), i-Books, Interactives, Videos.